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The Curbii Solar Power Pack is the perfect backup battery. Never have a phone or tablet battery die on you again. It holds 1400 mAH of power and only requires 3 hours to recharge. You can recharge via USB on your computer or in your car. This sleek, smartly designed hybrid solar charger is convenient and easy to use. You can now power up your mobile device literally anywhere under the sun. Our Solar panel technology enables you to be part of the solar energy solution.


Universal Charger

- Includes 5 different adapters, charge iPhones, iPads, tablets, cellphones (apple, samsung, micro-USB, Nokia n70 and Mini-USB)

Modern Design

- ABS with UV painted case, small size and comfortable handling


-When you are outside and have no current power supply, you can charge your device with solar power.


-Whenever and wherever you are, you can charge your device and use it during charging.


-For 60 minutes charging, you will achieve 150 minutes of talking time.

Environmental protection and energy saving

-The solar charger is built with a lithium polymer battery, which is environmentally friendly


Detailed Specifications

Solar Panel  Monocrystalline silicon
Capacity  1400 mAh
Battery type  Lithium Polymer
Output Voltage  DC 5.0V +- 0.25V
Output Current  600 mA (max)
Input Voltage  DC 5.0V +- 0.5V
Input Curent  500 mA
Material  Environmental friendly ABS
Weight 60 grams
Dimensions  3.75 x 1.5 x 0.3 inches


Using your charger:

1. Select a matching connector for your digital device

2. Plug in the connector to the charging and discharging cable, while another  end of cable connects to the OUT port of the solar charger

3. Plug the connector into your digital device

4. Press the power button for 1 second, then it starts charging your digital devices


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